While the Museum is still closed, we are preparing a series of  fine programs and exhibits for you coming this fall! 

 Saturday, September 12, “The Treaty of Trianon”, Presented by Mr. István Hegedüs.

Mr. Hegedüs comes to speak at the Museum from Toronto, Canada. His many years of studying and speaking on Hungarian historical topics make him a compelling speaker on this subject.

2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon, a treaty that dramatically changed the lives of post WWI Hungarians. István Hegedüs will discuss the terms of the peace treaty and why the victorious allies felt the treaty terms were warranted. He will also touch on the historic background of ethnic tensions within the Kingdom of Hungary and what effect the Treaty had upon the political situation in Hungary between 1920 and 1945. No discussion of the Treaty of Trianon would be complete without assessing its impact on the Hungarian minority populations currently residing in the successor states carved out by the Treaty, focusing from 1945 up until the present day.

This program will include the opening of a special exhibit on the Treaty of Trianon, curated by Andrew Lázár.


2019 Vintner Dinner- a wonderful event!

Saturday evening, October 19, and the weather was like a soothing autumn whisper, the kind of evening that beckons us to the golf club where good food, good wine and good company come together for a congenial evening. The Hungarian melodies performed by Harmonia, the Hungarian wines imported from vineyards around Tokaj, Sopron, Pannonhalma, and the company of friends of the Museum, all combined to make for a successful fundraising event to support the mission of our Museum. This year we honored Ted Horvath, Steve Szappanos and Zsuzsa Szappanos, three individuals who have given selflessly of their time and talent to help the Museum become the Hungarian gem that it is in Downtown Cleveland. The best way to convey the elegant yet lively atmosphere of the evening, is through the many photographs that give us a photo-lens view of good times in a lovely setting, good friends tasting good wine, and the warmth of a fine Magyar event. Thanks everyone for coming, and if you couldn't join us this year, we hope to see you next year!


Hungarian Heritage Night at the Ballpark

Once again the Museum participated in the Lake Erie Captain's annual Hungarian Heritage Night at the Ballpark. Along with the Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeast Ohio and the William Penn Fraternal Association, the Museum helped celebrate our heritage with youngsters through face-painting. Since the Captains initiated this evening of Hungarian Heritage Night at the Ballpark, the Museum has offered the children who come to the game the fun of having Hungarian folk motifs or the ancient Hungarian Runic writing painted unto their cheeks, forearms, and hands. Meeting folks with no Hungarian connection as well as those who do share our Hungarian heritage has earned many friends for our Museum. This event is a fine melding of the American favorite past time with Hungarian culture.

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