Museum Collection

The Hungarian Heritage Museum  is very happy to accept donations of artifacts from Hungarian or Hungarian American life and culture, for example authentic folk costumes, crafts, paintings, embroideries or other needlework, books, photographs, or other documents. The Museum reserves the right to display the articles, to place them in the gift shop for sale, to store them, or to pass them on to other organizations or individuals. Donors will be given a receipt, and since the Museum is registered as a non-profit, charitable institution, donors may be eligible for tax deductions.  [The Society is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.]

Occasionally, the Museum is happy to accept articles on temporary loan for special exhibitions.  While the Museum will take all reasonable measures for the care of the articles, it unfortunately cannot guarantee that loss or damage will not occur.

Individuals or organizations wishing to place articles on consignment should contact the Museum for specific details, as well as for terms and conditions.  The Museum reserves the right to accept or refuse articles.

Those wishing to lend or donate articles are asked to contact the curator.

Download (How-to-Donate-an-Objects-to-the-Cleveland-Hungarian-Museum.pdf PDF, 67KB)

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Museum Collection