We offer our website visitors a variety of informative links to help you find information about other Hungarian organizations and cultural resources.

Books, E-books.

Corvinus Library, a KMCsSz elektronikus könyvtára – E-library of the Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris (in Hungarian and English)
Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár elektronikus könyvtára (in Hungarian)

Pázmány Péter elektronikus könyvtár (in Hungarian)


 Ferenciek tere az átépités elött és után  (Ferenciek tere before and after renovation in 2014)

Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem (régi Ludovika) megnyitása 2014-ben. (National Public Service University opened in 2014)

Budapest megújult – MNO (the revival and rebuilding of Budapest 2014)

Budapest megújult – Google (the revival and rebuilding of Budapest 2014)

Így épül a jövö Budapestje (How Budapest is being rebuilt)

Így lett a lelakott Körútból zöldelö fasor  (The greening of Körút)

Régi fényében a Pesti Vigadó (The Pesti Vigadó restored to its one time splendor 2014)

Pictures of the newly opened #4 metro underground line

Budapest metro system- oldest in Europe

Pictures of the newly rebuilt Várkert Bazár

Budapest Castle Bazaar and the Royal Gardens at the foot of Castle Hill

Panorama from the top of the Chain Bridge

Cuisine, Cooking

Some savoury courses to tickle your palate
Hungarian Cooking – “It ain’t heavy, it’s my supper!” 


 Culture (Art, Music, Dance)

Hungarian painting!
painting logo


Customs (religious, national)

Holidays in Hungary

Hungarian Customs (Hungarotips)  [Links to Easter, Christmas, Name Day, Food, Spas, Dogs, FAQ’s, etc.]
Hungarian Wedding Traditions

See our Museum “Christmas Page” for all links!

See our Museum “Easter Pages” for all links!  [Secular customs, folklore, decorated eggs,  link to our “Easter Monday Sprinking” pages,” etc.]
Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum – Easter Pages – Religious themed


Lexicool dictionaries – multi-language dictionaries, translation and language resources

Online dictionary – English to multi-language, and German to multi-language dictionaries

 Sztaki szótár – multi-language dictionaries


Borbándy Gyula:Nyugati magyar irodalmi lexikon és bibliográfia

Magyar Életrajzi Lexikon Hungarian Biographical Encyclopedia (in Hungarian)

Országos Széchenyi Könyvtár elektronikus lexikon tára – list of encyclopedias in the electronic library of the National Széchenyi Library (in Hungarian)

Pallas Nagy Lexikona – one of the great Hungarian encyclopedias of the early 20th century

Wikipedia (Hungarian)

    Education  [See also “Language,” &  “Study Abroad…”]

Study [of Hungarian] abroad or in Hungary

*Pázmány Péter University, Budapest, founded1635

*Debreceni Nyari Egyetem / Debrecen Summer University  [Language & Culture Summer Institute, Debrecen, Hungary]

Collegium Hungaricum Juventutis Occidentalis  [study abroad in Hungary, website is in Hungarian, scholarships available, see BOTTOM of our Museum sponsored “Events” website for details]

* Budapesti Műszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem

Study [of Hungarian] in North America

*Rutgers:  Institute for Hungarian Studies

Sulinet:  Computer based National Schoolnetwork / “Digitális Tananyag”   [English or Hungarian version]

American Hungarian Language Center  [supported by American Hungarian Foundation (New Brunswick, N.J.), also affiliated with Debrecen Summer University,  & Rutgers University Hungarian Program:  evenings, weekends, summer intensive, or “online” courses available;  Idegennyelvi Továbbképzõ Központ (ITK) Hungarian Language Testing Center]
Indiana University, Bloomington, Institute of Hungarian Studies

Facts about Hungary

Facts about Hungary  [Size, Location, History, Language, Population, etc.]

Hungarian Maps & Coats of Arms
A magyar címer története   [Hungarian coat of arms, in Hungarian]


Filmkultura  [English or Hungarian version]


Folklore, Folkart

American Hungarian Folklore Centrum   [New Jersey, USA]

History of the doll
Hungarian Embroidery – Embroidery of Kalocsa
Samples of Hungarian Embroidery
NY Folklore Society – Story on Eniko Farkas: Community Scholar
Commentary on folklore & folk crafts by Enikõ Farkas
For many additional links, see our . . .   Museum “Embroidery Exhibition” Page
Halas Lace – Halasi csipke     [See our special Museum exhibit page for numerous links]


Folk Music, Folk Dance

Csárdás Dance Company   [Cleveland, Ohio, USA]
Our Museum’s 2003-2004 Lecture series “Explore Hungary” [much information on regions, customs, folklore, etc.]


Genealogy : Looking for your FAMILY TREE ?

Genealogy search, with special attention to Bardossy Family & possible relatives   [In Hungarian, can switch to English or German versions]

Hungarian/American Friendship Society

Hungarian Wedding Traditions

Galut Genealogical Research Ltd.   [Located in Budapest, will research your roots!]

FamilyTree – Heir search and probate documentation.

Austro-Hungarian genealogy

Government, Politics

Hungarian Embassy, Washington, D.C.
Hungarian Parliament [In English or in Hungarian]
Hungarian Government

Fundamental Law of Hungary (Magyarország Alaptörvénye) (In English)

Magyarország Alaptörvénye 2012 (In Hungarian)

Hungarian National Identity (Nemzetismeret)


Corvinus Library, Hungarian History
Historical Text Archive
Important Dates of Hungarian History

See our “Past Exhibition” website on the Herend Coronation Crown replica
An Introduction to the Hungarian Coronation Jewels


Immigration, Immigrant experience

Statue of Liberty Ellis Island Foundation     [Can search immigration records]
Our Now-past Museum Exhibit on “The Immigrant Experience” [additional links]
Hungarian-Americans in Cleveland, Ohio [text of book by Susan Papp, part of Cleveland Memory Project]

The last Hungarian on Buckeye  (Tibor Bognár’s video study 2004)

Hungarians abroad



Keltezés helyesírása – rules of grammar related to dates.

Kommunikációs közlésmódok – rules and modes of communication

Amazing facts about the Hungarian language


Literature, including Poetry

Greatest Hungarian Poets


Lobby Groups

Hungarian American Coalition
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation
American Hungarian Foundation
Hungarian Lobby – Magyar Lobbi – Lipták Béla



Nyugati Hírlevél, független elektronikus újság, [“News from the West”] , in Hungarian, news and announcements from organizations from all over the world

Military, Art of War

A Thousand years of the Hungarian Art of War [e-book by Anthony Komjathy]
Hungarian Kings and other Military Leaders
Insignia of the Hungarian AF:  From WWI Until the Present
Hungarian Military Mapping:1990-1995
Cartographic Collection, Map Room, Hungarian Institute & Museum of War History
Past Exhibition, Hungarian Military History, Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Manowar’s Hungarian Weapons  (weapons of war, historical weapons, special ’56 Revolution section, images & links)


Néprajzi Museum/Museum of Ethnography, Budapest

Hungarian National Museum, Information about other Museums in Hungary

[In English or Hungarian;  great animated slides, with changing views!]
Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry  [English, also Hungarian version]
House of Terror   [Museum opened in Budapest in 2002 to honor memory of those who suffered under Nazis, Communism, the ’56 Revolution , and other tragic events in 20th century Hungarian history; either English & Hungarian versions]


Music  [see Culture]



American Hungarian Friends of Scouting,
Cleveland Cultural Garden,
Cleveland Genealogical Society,
Cleveland Hungarian Development Panel,
Gulyás Pot,
Hungarian American Coalition,
Hungarian Association,
Hungarian Cultural Center of Northeastern Ohio,
Hungarian Federation,
Hungarian Human Rights Foundation
Hungary Initiatives Foundation,
Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program
Külföldi Magyar Cserkészszövetség,
Magyar Baráti Közösség,
Mikes Kelemen Program,
Nemzeti Galléria,
Nemzeti Regiszter,
Széchényi Könyvtár,
United Hungarian Societies,
William Penn Fraternal Assn,


Painting    [See under “Culture”]


Polish – Hungarian Friendly Relations

Polish Americans & Their Communities in Cleveland
Library of Congress Links to Poland, Polish Culture
Józef Zachariasz Bem
Ulászló I       [King of Hungary & Poland]
Reign of Ulaszlo II and Louis II
Polish & Hungarian (also other) Costumes, 17th Century
Introduction to Medieval Poland     [With remarks on Louis the Great,  Stephen Bathory, links, bibliographies, etc.]
Polish horses  [Includes remarks on Hungarian & Turkish horses]
Links to Polish Culture & Fine Arts
Polish recipes

Porcelain, Fine   [See also  under “Folklore”]

Art by Endre Szász    [See Hollóháza vase at bottom of p.1]
Zsolnay Huszár Gallery
The Zsolnay Tile Museum   [beautiful photos!]
Highlights of Pottery & Porcelain Exhibit (1997), Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Zsolnay Exhibit (2001), Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Pottery Studio – Zsolnay   [Click on “gallery” for the photos]



Hungarian Protestantism  [English or Hungarian version]
Calvin Synod
Magyar Katolikus püspöki konferencia  [Catholic, in Hungarian only]
Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry   [Jewish, in English, also in Hungarian]
Magyarországi Evangélikus Egyház  [Lutheran, in English, also in Hungarian]
Magyarországi Református Egyház  [Reformed, in English, also in Hungarian]
Magyarországi Unitárius Egyház  [Unitarian, in English, also in Hungarian]
Magyarországi Zsidó Egyház [Jewish, in English, also in Hungarian]
Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum – Easter Pages – Religious themed [in addition to Hungarian folk themed Easter pages]


Science, Scientists

Exhibition on the History of Hungarian Science

A Nobel-díj és a magyar Nobel-díjasok    [In Hungarian]

Space Program

Institutions of the Hungarian Space Activity
Hungarian Scientists claim to have found traces of life on Mars
Selected Chapters of Space Research in Hungary
Magyar Ûrkutatási Iroda [Address for Hungarian Space Agency]
Magyar nyelvû ûrkutatási irodalom és internetcímek [Bibliography of articles in Hungarian and some in English about space research]
Home Page of the Space Research Group at the Eötvös University, Budapest /ELTE Geofizikai Tanszék Ûrkutató Csoportjának honlapja [in English or Hungarian]
See our Museum Web page on “NASA – Hungary Space Research Activities”


Scouts – Cserkészet  cserkészliliom

liliom3   Main Organization:  Hungarian Scouts in Exteris (Garfield, NJ – w/ further links)
Adult Hungarian Scout Troops


Search Engines – Hungarian

EMESE  [People, mostly students]
Heureka Hungary Network Logo
HuDir Logo HuDir  [English]       HuDir   [Magyarul]
Yahoo Index of Hungarian Sites


Tourism & Travel

Hungarian Home Page
Hungarian National Tourism Office
Hungarian Travel Information [Hungarian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, – scroll down for your language, tons of links]
Budapest Hungary guide  [Current & upcoming events in Budapest, in English, many photos & links]
Visit Budapest


Wine, Drinks, Other Beverages

All about Hungarian wines!
Delightful Hungarian Drinks to douse your throat and palate!
Old Hungarian wine labels, vintage photos from Villány, 1893 book about Hungarian wine
Hungarian Wine Regions
(Another site) Wine Regions of Hungary
History Behind Hungarian Wine  – (NOTE!!  Click on “Hungarian History” at bottom of page!!!)
Recipe for Hungarian Wine Soup – Borleves – Christmas Eve Tradition
A word about Hungarian wine
Wine in Hungary of 2002
Villány-Siklósi Borút   [In Hungarian]
Borkultúra / Wine Culture   [In Hungarian, can switch to English]
A Journey to the Wine Country  [with additional links]