Permanent Exhibit

The permanent exhibit features the history of Hungarian immigration to the United States in words and pictures; from the beginnings in the late 1800’s to that of the recent past.  It embodies the organizations, churches, and social clubs that these waves of immigrants formed and how they shared their immigrant experience through these endeavors.

The unique situation that faced these immigrants was that new waves of immigrants over the years had kept alive and renewed the interest in their Hungarian roots and heritage.  The exhibit explores these accounts and how some of the older accomplishments have been embraced and continued over the years and as time goes on how some others have been discontinued and died with the end to the Hungarian communities on Buckeye Road and on the near West Side.

The exhibit further features the current status of a dispersed community brought together by ongoing organizations and churches and the struggles and challenges faced by them to continue and thrive.

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Hungarian Musical   Instrument

Hungarian Musical Instrument – “Cimbalom”

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