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Exhibition 100 YEARS OF HUNGARIAN HALAS LACE, sponsored by the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society & Fashion Department of Ursuline College, Student Learning Center, Ursuline College 2500 Lander Road, Pepper Pike, OH 44124 (Main phone # for Ursuline College: 440 449-4200). This exhibition of the world-famous Hungarian Halas lace, winner of numerous international awards, was on loan from the Halas Lace Foundation in Kiskunhalas, Hungary. The exhibition at Ursuline College was officially open through December 15, 2002. Concurrently, a smaller-scale exhibitionof Halas lace was on display at the Hungarian Heritage Museum in its former location at the Euclid Square Mall. This exhibition consistsed of pieces lent to the Museum by members of the Cleveland Hungarian-American community, and was available for viewing during regular Museum hours.

Opening Reception – NOW PAST

October 12, Saturday: Opening Reception of the exhibition – NOW PAST – ; 3 – 5 PM; Student Learning Center, Ursuline College; During the reception, Susan Kiliti, Director of the Kiskunhalas Lace Museum, presented a lecture (in English) with slides on the history of Halas lace. The program also included a lacemaking demonstration.


Location of Kiskunhalas


View of the Halasi Csipkeház, Halas Lace Museum, in Kiskunhalas, Hungary



Close-up photos:

Index of /kiskunhalas/csipke  [Stunning photos!
Individual close-ups from the Kiskunhalas website. Click on any item listed.

Links below are samples of large close-up photos – nice! ]
[They work well with Internet Explorer, but may not work with Netscape]

Peacock with chrysanthemum cloth / Pávás, krizanténos terítõ
Lace cloth / Csipketerítõ 
“Jancsi and Iluska” decorative lace / “Jancsi és Iluska” csipkedísz
“Windmill” lace / “Szélmalom” csipke

Links on History of “Halasi csipke,” in Hungarian:

Halasi Csipke Alapítvány – Csipkeház   [In Hungarian, Home Page of Lace Museum in Kiskunhalas, Hungary]
A kiskunhalasi Csipkeházban a csipkevarrás bemutató és csipke kiállítás minden nap látohatható 9-12, 13-16 között.
A Halasi Csipke Alapítvány szeretettel vár minden érdeklödöt, látogatót, vásárlót.
H-6400 Kiskunhalas
Kossuth u. 37/A
Telefon/fax: (00-36) 77/421-982
Email: halasicsipke@emitel.hu 

A Halasi csipke története  [“The Story of Halas Lace”;  In Hungarian but loads of pictures]
100 Éves a halasi csipke [“100th Anniversary of Halas Lace”;  In Hungarian;
-English version does not seem to work, check this page out anyway for great photos

(– click on menu bars at top of linked pages for photoos)
Üdvözlettel: Tóth Zoltán (Kiskunhalasi polgármester)
[“Greetings from the Mayor of Kiskunhalas, ” virtual tour, many links, English version available]
Kiskunhalas honlapja  [In Hungarian;  Home page of Kiskunalas;
Click on  “Halasi csipke”;  Works with Internet Explorer, may not work with Netscape]

Halas Lace on postage stamps:

Halas Lace on commemorative Hungarian postage stamps   [Scroll to middle, includes story of Halas Lace, in English]
Lace Stamps of the World    [Scroll to middle to see Halas & other Hungarian lace stamps]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Pigeons   [close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Peacock  [close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Peacock
    [different stamp, close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Peacock   [another different stamp, close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Fisherman  [close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Butterfly    [close-up]
Halas Lace Stamp w/ Swans    [close-up]

Halas Lace Stamp w/ Deer    [close-up]
“Halas Lace,” from The Hungarian Stamp Collection of Attila Ambrozai   [Nice site!   Browse for other Hungarian stamp subjects]

Links on History of “Halas Lace,” in English:

Halas Lace – The Hungarian Jewel 
  [History of Halas Lace, in English]
Halas Lace – the Hungarian Jewel   [Same article as above, different website layout]
History of Halas Lace   [English Version, from a Spanish website]
Hungarian Lace [Website of Hungarian Folklore Museum, NJ;  in English, Hungarian version also available]
The Gold of Kiskunhalas.  Halas Lace  [Another website of Hungarian Folklore Museum, NJ;  in English, Hungarian version also available]
Greetings from the Mayor of Kiskunhalas  [In English, great additional links, photos, maps, texts]
Kiskunhalas, “The Town of Lace”    [History of Halas Lace, in English, w/ photos]

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