Hungarian-Polish Friendly Relations

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This exhibit covers almost 1,000 years of friendly historical interaction between Hungary & Poland. It highlights many important historical figures the two countries have shared or given each other: kings, saints, generals, and political leaders such as Louis the Great, St. Kinga, Ulászló I, Louis II, Stephen Báthory, József Bem and many others. The two countries have also shared historical events that affected both, including the fight against Turkish expansion into Europe in the 16th & 17th s centuries, allowing the escape of Polish troops across Hungary’s border in the 1939, and mutual support for the Polish Freedom Demonstrations & the Hungarian Freedom Fight against Soviet Communist rule in 1956.


Polish Americans & Their Communities in Cleveland
Polish-Hungarian On-line Dictionary
Library of Congress Links to Poland, Polish Culture
A Time-line of Poland and Lithuania
A Brief History of Poland
Prominent Polish Names
Embassy of Poland in Slovenia [In English!  Great further links!] 
Embassy of Poland in Washington, DC
Józef Zachariasz Bem
St. Kinga


Ulászló I       [King of Hungary & Poland]
Reign of Ulaszlo II and Louis II
Polish & Hungarian (also other) Costumes, 17th Century
Introduction to Medieval Poland [With remarks on Louis the Great,  Stephen Bathory, links, bibliographies, etc.]
Polish castle (with Hungarian roots) in Niedzica
Polish horses  [Includes remarks on Hungarian & Turkish horses]
Fall of Communism in Poland
Links to Polish Culture & Fine Arts
Polish recipes
Polish recipes II
Hungarian-Polish Student Exchange


Magyar-Lengyel Népesség
Magyar-Lengyel Kulturális Alapítvány
Magyar-Lengyel Baráti Kör

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