Lecture Programs for Spring 2016


Hungarian Footprints in Portugal – The Stations of the Cross in Fatima

The Story of Csiksomlyo–A Pilgrimage Site


Discovering Your Roots


Retrospective of the Csardas Dance Ensemble

SAT. MAY 14:

Family History Research

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13: “Hungarian Footprints in Portugal–The Stations of the Cross in Fatima” – by John Lauer

and “The Story of Csiksomlyo–A Pilgrimage Site” – by Fr. Andras Mezei of St. Emeric Church.

SATURDAY, MARCH 12: “Discovering Your Roots” by three participants of the Re-Connect Hungary Program: (Andrew Boros, Ali Petrulis, and Joshua Sturgess)

SATURDAY, APRIL 9: “Retrospective of the Csardas Dance Ensemble” by Richard Graber. Graber presents a 20 year retrospective on the story of how an ethnic dance company served as a vehicle for preserving his cultural heritage through dance.

SATURDAY, MAY 14: “The Hungarian Genealogy Society of Greater Cleveland:  Who We Are and How We Can Help You in Your Research”  by Dan Corrigan and Diana Rogers of the Hungarian Genealogical Society of Greater Cleveland.

Lecture fee: $10 for adults and $5 for students
All lectures start at 2 p.m. and are held at the Hungarian Heritage Museum in the Galleria, Downtown Cleveland, with coffee and refreshments following the presentation. $3 parking is available in the Galleria parking garage.

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