Contemporary art featuring young Hungarian American artists from the Northeast Ohio area


“On Saturday, March 31, 2012, what an opening it was! Visitors started to pour in around 4 o’clock and continued for at least half hour more. There was plenty of food and drinks including wine 
to keep the conversations and viewing of the exhibits going. The 4 young artists were there to mingle with the crowd. The crowd swelled  to well over 100 with the majority being young faces. Absolute delight!”

“At 5:30 the more formal portion of the afternoon started with a brief greeting from the president, followed by the introduction of the artists by George Kozmon: 
Krisztina Lazar, Krisztina Walter, Janos Nadas and Peter Tabor.
Each artist briefly described his/her work and the audience had a chance to ask some interesting questions. As part of the program, and in addition to her exhibit items, Krisztina Lazar presented a dance in costume with balloons outside the Museum doors, open to interpretation by the audience.”

“The conversations continued inside the Museum past the designated time of 7 o’clock and it was around 7:30 when all the visitors were out of the Museum and not without our urgings.”

“All in all this was a great success! We thank George Kozmon and the 4 young artists who made this happen. We owe thanks to Marcia, Kati, Zoli, Klara, Mary Jane, and Sanyi for the plentiful food and drinks. Thanks to Otto for setting up the microphone.”

László Varga, President

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