The afternoon of January 23rd drew a large crowd into the Museum, something we love to see. There were many new faces represented by professional colleagues of the artist as well as some of his friends, and Hungarians interested to see what PRIMAL TOPOGRAPHY was really about.

In George’s words, here is a summary of his presentation:

“In the fine arts, both historically and in contemporary times, artists are first to explore new ideas, and adopt emerging technologies to use in the creation of works. The digital revolution is no exception. Since the earliest days of the computer era, artists have explored various facets of using the ever-evolving tools to generate images and ideas, as well as adopt the new platforms to share works and images in ways unavailable to previous generations. This involves adapting programming language to image-making, using communication platforms and apps to not only communicate images but to create works with the new tools provided by the platforms (Vine, Twitter, Instagram…).

The dichotomies of ephemeral art that exists purely in the digital realm has been empowered with new technologies to manifest in the physical domain; digital printing on an endless variety and scale of substrates, to 3-D printing. The explosion of images and objects will inevitably multiply as the tools evolve and become universally accessible, empowering the creative community to greatly expand.

Art never stands still, and the pioneers and explorers push the boundaries of what is possible.”

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