World of Hungarian Opera, Composers and Their Works

If you love operettas, love the music and the stories, we hope you did not miss our Museum’s “WORLD OF HUNGARIAN OPERA, COMPOSERS AND THEIR WORKS” special exhibit!

The exhibit celebrated the legacy of operetta composers Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman, and Sigmund Romberg whose works were performed and enjoyed world-wide, as well as Pongrác Kacsoh, Victor Jacobi, Jenõ Huszka, Mihály Eismann, Albert Szirmai and other Hungarian composers who are lesser known today but whose creations gained Hungarian operetta recognition internationally at the beginning of the 20th century.

The exhibit showcasesdthe World of Hungarian Operetta through their music, film clips, posters, playbills, pictures, icluding costumes from stage productions on loan from the Ohio Light Opera in Wooster, Ohio.

OPENING RECEPTION was held on Saturday, July 19th and featured a presentation about the history of Hungarian operetta and Hungarian operetta composers by Dr. Michael Miller, Founder and President of Operetta Foundation, Los Angeles, California, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Ohio Light Opera in Wooster, Ohio.

Regular Museum hours are: Wed, Thurs, Sat 11-3, Fri 11-5. Admission is free – donations to cover the cost of exhibits welcomed.)



   Mihály Eismann (1898-1966), w/ list of works
Biography (in Hungarian – Magyarul)
Additional info (in Hungarian – Magyarul)
“Köszönöm, hogy imádott, hogy reám így vigyázott,de ne küldjön virágot nekem ! … (Thank you for loving me)” on YOU TUBE, in Hungarian, fromHippolit, a lakáj (Hyppolyte, the Lackey)
“Köszönöm, hogy imádott,. . .  by Eszter Szabo, more modernized version on YOU TUBE, in Hungarian
Hot Jazz Band – “Szerelemhez nem kell szépség,” modernized jazz version on YOU TUBE, in Hungarian
Slágerek (list of popular songs, in Hungarian)
   Jeno Huszka, biography (1875-1960), w/ list of works
Biography (in Hungarian- Magyarul)
Robert Ilosfalvy performs “Londonban, hej” in Hungarian, from Prince Bob on YOU TUBE
   Victor Jacobi, biography (1883-1921), w/ list of works
Biography 1  (in Hungarian – Magyarul)
Biography 2
  (in Hungarian – Magyarul)
Biography 3 (in Hungarian – Magyarul)
From his operetta Apple Blossoms  (w/ Frit Kreisler)- “Medley One Step” on YOU TUBE
Victor Light Opera Company – gems from Blossom Time (by Romberg, but references to Jacobi, 1919 on YOU TUBE
   Pongrác Kacsóh, biography (1873-1923), w/ list of works
See also  János Vitéz
See also excerpt from classic animated version (János Vitéz, in Hungarian) on YOU TUBE (middle) and also another YOU TUBE
   Emmerich Kálmán, biography (1882-1953)
Emmerich (Imre) Kálmán) bio version 2, w/ list of works
See also Countess Maritza / Marica grófno, performed in Hungarian in Szeged on YOU TUBE
Kékkovács Mara – Peller Károly: “Szép város Kolozsvár” in Hungarian on YOU TUBE
From Csárdás Princess / Csárdáskirályno – “Jaj cica” in Hungarian on YOU TUBE
   Franz Lehár, biography (1870-1948)
Franz Lehár, bio version 2, w/ list of works
See also “Song of Vilja”  from The Merry Widow sung in Hungarian on YOU TUBE
   Sigmund Romberg,  biography (1887-1951)
List of works
“Drink, Drink, Drink” from The Student Prince on YOU TUBE, from an opera company (in English)
Deep in my Heart – film based on life of Sigmund Romberg, previews on YOU TUBE
Blossom Time,  Rombert 1921, made into film 1934
The Student Prince1924, operetta
The Student Princefilm version 1954, w/ Mario Lanza  & S.Z. Szakall, excerpt on YOU TUBE (in English)
   Albert Szirmai, biography (1880-1967), w/ list of works
See also Girl on the Film
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