1956 Commemorative Exhibit

The Spirit of Freedom Exhibit, which is currently featured at the Cleveland Hungarian Museum, provides an informative review of the events of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. It also includes a thorough summary of  world wide reactions to this Revolution that took the world by surprise. The large TV screen features recollections of the events by participants in those momentous days of October 23rd through the 9th of November. The exhibit is enriched by various historic audio and visual material, and tells a compelling story  that will appeal to those interested in 20th century historical events and the role of Communism in modern history. Contemporary images of freedom fighters and the political as well as revolutionary leaders of the day allow the visitor to explore the human drama that played out on the streets of Budapest and outlying areas in 1956 Hungary. Many of the “Freedom Fighters” were young teenagers and university students as well as young workers, so the exhibit will appeal to a younger audience as well. Students and classes are welcome, and teachers can contact the Museum by calling 216-523-3900 during Museum Hours to make arrangements to bring their classes to view the exhibit.





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