2019 Spring Lecture Series

We are excited to announce our Spring Lecture Series! Topics include Hungarian folk customs, Hungary and the European Union, the Hungarian community of Cleveland since 1950, and George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra. Please plan to join us on the second Saturday of the month beginning at 2 o’clock p.m.

Feb. 9th            Folk Customs of Hungary, presented by Dr. Enikő Bus, Fulbright Scholar

Hungary has a rich and colorful tradition of folk customs.  Dr. Bus will speak about the annual cycle of traditions that are celebrated in Hungary. Starting with the New Year, virtually every month is rich with traditions pertaining to both the calendar year as well as the life cycle.  We will discuss how these traditions have been modified over the years and still celebrated in many meaningful ways.

Mar. 9th           Hungary in the EU:  Expectations and Challenges and the 2019 Parliamentary Elections, presented by Dr. Zsolt Hetesy, Department Chief of Mission, Hungarian Embassy

Dr. Hetesy will discuss the meaning of membership in the European Union (EU).  He will describe how the EU is structured; what the advantages and obligations of membership are; how representatives are elected to the European Parliament; what the different political parties and groups in the EU are; and how Hungarians in Hungary view the EU today; and why there is continued criticism, and even the threat of censure toward Hungary.

Apr. 13th         Being Hungarian in Cleveland, presented by Endre Szentkirály, PhD, author and researcher

Chronicling the history of Cleveland Hungarians, Dr. Szentkirályi looks at the community historically and sociologically via in-depth research into its language and literature, culture, and traditions, with a focus on the years from 1950 to the present. He documents contemporary Cleveland Hungarians’ culture, values, language use, and traditions and analyzes which elements serve to perpetuate their community and slow assimilation. The lecture will encapsulate what it means to be Hungarian in Cleveland.  Today, its extensive roots – significantly shaped by succeeding generations – run deep, and this research attests to the fact that it is still thriving. The lecture will address recent developments in the community and offer a hopeful outlook for its changing and enduring future.

May 11th        George Szell:  One of the greatest orchestra builders of the 20th century, presented by Marcia Hansen Kraus, author, and musician 

Marcia Hansen Kraus has recently published a book about George Szell, the Cleveland Orchestra’s towering presence for over a quarter of a century.   Ms Kraus, herself a musician and married to an oboist who worked under George Szell, narrates wonderful stories and personal anecdotes related to this great conductor.  She illuminates Mr. Szell’s stature as a conductor and artist in her book.  Mr. Szell is credited with transforming the Cleveland Orchestra from an essentially regional institution into one that was equal to any orchestra in the world.  He accomplished this with charisma, driving ambition, and high standards of excellence. In the words of one reviewer, Ms Kraus’s book is “filled with vivid backstage stories, George Szell’s Reign reveals the human side of a great orchestra – and how one visionary built a premier classical music institution.”

Our Lectures are in English and are held at the Hungarian Heritage Museum, in The Galleria, Lower Level, Downtown Cleveland,

with coffee and refreshments following each presentation.

On these days the Museum is open from 1-4 pm; $5 parking is available in the Galleria underground garage.

Suggested donation: $10 for adults and $5 for students.

A viszontlátásra!!!! See you soon!!

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