April’s program highlighted the Hungarian-American community in Cleveland.

Dr. Endre Szentkiralyi’s presentation on “Being Hungarian in Cleveland” was well attended and gave the audience a detailed look into the lives of Hungarian-Americans in Cleveland. Starting with a summary of the Hungarian immigrant waves into the Cleveland area, Dr. Szentkiralyi traced the contributions of each wave of immigrants, beginning with the earliest generations, up to an including Hungarian-American life in Cleveland as we currently know it. He then focused his presentation on the post World War II immigrants. This generation of Hungarians who came to Cleveland left a rich Hungarian cultural legacy which continues to feed our Hungarian community life in Northeast Ohio. By building onto the existing Hungarian institutions, the so-called DP generation ensured that many cultural institutions remain intact to this day. They established many new organizations to further support their values and commitment to promote the culture and language of their native land. With many photographs of Hungarian-American life, including the early immigrant times, along with statistics based on extensive research, the program captured the attention of our audience which was made up of varying generations of Hungarian-Americans. Everyone recognized a part of their Hungarian experience as they live it on these shores of Lake Erie.

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