February program featuring Hungarian Folk Customs

Our first program in this Spring Series of lectures was well attended, and proved to be a well-researched, compelling presentation by Dr. Enikő Bús, a Fulbright Scholar at Cleveland State University. Dr. Bús talked about folk customs of Hungary, enriching her presentation with wonderful visuals.  She started the talk explaining the history of time, the adoption of the calendar by the Romans, the rotation of the sun, a day, the moon, a month, the earth around the sun, a year.  She spoke about the role of the equinox and solstice and superstitious beliefs and pagan customs surrounding the longest and the shortest days.  These rituals and ‘traditions’ were adopted by the Catholic Church.  She then summarized the entire calendar year starting with Advent and ending with November.  Dr.Bús was a dynamic speaker and entertaining and the audience enjoyed her presentation.  She announced her presentation among her students at CSU and we saw new faces in the crowd!!

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