Hungarian History

Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum
Euclid Square Mall, Euclid, OH 44132 [former location]
hosted by the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society

October 2001-June 2002 once a month, on the second Saturday at 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Dear Friends,

Throughout the centuries, Hungary, a small country in Central Europe, was often the battleground of clashing forces between East and West. The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum invited all who were interested in reviewing and discussing milestones of Hungarian History to attend a seminar series, held once monthly between October 2001 and June 2002, at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum in Euclid Square Mall. Below you will find what were the:

1) Options for attendance
2) Registration options
3) Monthly seminar topics
4) Registration form

The forces that shaped the world in the 20th century were large and complicated and almost impossible to understand unless one is grounded in European History. Many NE Ohio residents took advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn about these forces, from the perspective of a country geographically at the center of it all.

Steve E. Szappanos

Options for attendance were:

1. Audit; participate in as many lectures in the series as desired. This option was for those who were unable to attend the course regularly. No registration fee; donations were voluntary; open to the public; Optional handout/booklet covering main points of monthly lecture/presentation was available for purchase ($4.00 per booklet, new & different for each monthly session)

2. Certificate; a $30.00 registration fee allowed course participants to attend the series, receive handout/booklet for each session and also other syllabus materials, and sit for a course exam. Satisfactory completion of a test earned participants a “Certificate” from the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society

[Deadline for Registration was September 29, 2001]:

(Note: The lectures were open to the public, for those who could not or did not wish to enroll for the certificate.)


Presented (in English) by experienced educators well-versed in the history of Hungary.

Sponsored by: The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society on the second Saturday of the month 2:00-3:30 p.m. at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum, Euclid Square Mall, Euclid, Ohio 44132 [former location]


1. October 13: Presenter: Mr. Zoltán Bócsay; “The origins of the Magyars in the Carpathian Basin; their lives, customs, and lifestyle; legends of national origin: The White Stag”

2. November 10: Presenter: Mr. Viktor Falk; “The founding of Hungary; the Christian Kingdom begins with the first king of Hungary Saint Stephen who belonged to the tribe of Arpad; consolidation of the Christian Monarchy (Saint Ladislaus, Kalman ‘The Bookman,’ and King Bela III)”

3. December 8: Presenter: Mr. Imre Marcus; “The struggle between Christendom and the Mongols in the 13th century; King Béla IV rebuilds a devastated Hungary”


4. January 12: Presenter: Dr. Mártha Pereszlényi; “The rise of the Renaissance in Italy and the Hungarian Renaissance; the rise of the Anjous, Sigismund and his successors, and King Matthius Corvinus, The Just”

5. February 9: Presenter: Mr. Zoltán Bócsay; “The struggle between Christendom and Islam; the invasion of the Turks in the 16th century once again threatens Western Civilization; Hungary divided and occupied by the Turks”

6. March 9: Presenter: Mr. Zoltán Bócsay; “Hungary after Turkish conquest; Habsburg rule; the Rákóczi insurrection; years of repression and reform; the Dual Monarchy is born followed by a period of relative prosperity”

7. April 13: Presenter: Mr. Ödön Szentkirályi; “The first half of the 20th century; Hungary in the World Wars”

8. May 11: Presenter: Mr. Ödön Szentkirályi; ” The second half of the 20th century Hungary as a Satellite of the Soviet Union; its struggle against communist rule. Hungary Today”

9. June 8: Presenter: Ms. Susan Papp-Aykler; “Hungarians in America: contributions of the immigrants with special emphasis on Cleveland immigrants”; Additional Information To Be Announced: Review & Test (multiple choice format 50 questions covering the key concepts of the course) for certificate.

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