Hungarian Military History in Art, Artifacts, and Memorabilia

Stróbl: Hadik hussar checking his sabre

Stróbl: Hadik hussar checking his sabre

Special exhibition: (After June 23 through October, 2001)

Paintings, books, uniforms, maps, medals, etc.

Opening Reception was held:
June 23, 2001, 3 – 5 PM
All Were Invited!


LINKS to Hungarian Military websites:

A Thousand yeasrs of the Hungarian Art of War [e-book by Anthony Komjathy]
Early Hungarian Weapons
See:  “Contents” page for “The Spirit of Hungary,” by Stephen Sisa
Hungarian Kings and other Military Leaders
Read about the HUSSARS
Hungarian Military Service [focuses on 1800s]
Hungary: Battles for Freedom 1848-49
Lajos Kossuth in North America 
Austrian-Hungarian Common Army Infantry Field Service Uniforms 1914-1918
Austro-Hungarian Land Forces: 1914-1918  [Contains additional links – scroll to end]
The Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-1918 (Postal items)
[Chapter 1, of above link]
“Austrio-Hungarian Army”
The Austro-Hungarian Fleet
Insignia of the Hungarian AF:  From WWI Until the Present
Hungarian Military Mapping:1990-1995
Cartographic Collection, Map Room, Hungarian Institute & Museum of War History
Hungarian Insitute & Museum of Military History [home page]

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