Introducing the March and April programs of our 2020 Spring Series.

Please join us on Saturday, Mar. 14th  Celebrating Franz Lehár”

 Presented by Mrs. Andrea Lázár, hostess of WCPN Kapossy Hungarian Radio Hour

Franz Lehár is widely considered the leading operetta composer of the 20th century.  His operettas included lush melodies, drama, light-hearted comedy, dance and lavish staging, and with their increasingly high musical caliber, his final works were closer to opera than to operetta.  His mega-hit, The Merry Widow (1905), enjoyed such unprecedented success that by 1910 it had been performed over 18,000 times in ten languages, and over a century later, it remains one of the classic operettas still performed all over the world.  Lehár also composed operas, sonatas and other musical pieces. Andrea Lazar has a vast knowledge of Hungarian music and composers thus making her the ideal person to share with our audience the life and music of this iconic composer as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth.

We invite you to join us on Saturday, Apr. 18th “Women Artists in Hungary from 1960 to 2000”

 Presented by Dr. Lenke Németh, Associate Professor, University of Debrecen

(Please note the date! April 18th is the third Saturday of the month.)

The 1960s in Hungary saw an unprecedented rise in the number of women painters such as Júlia Vajda (1913-1982), Margit Anna (1913-1991), Ilona Keserü (1933-), and sculptor Erzsébet Schaár (1905-1975), among others. They all shared an abstract form of expression in their works.  Isolated from contemporary artistic movements in Europe, these artists drew on the Hungarian avant-garde traditions of the 1920s and 1930s to develop new and innovative approaches and techniques.  Dr. Németh will also describe how these innovations influenced the diversity and thematic richness of subsequent generations of artists after 1990.

 Erzsébet Schaár, “Sisters”

Vajda, “Japanese Landscape”

Margit Anna, “Woman with Bird”

 Ilona Keserü, “Blue-Green Approach”

All lectures are in English unless noted, and are held at the Hungarian Heritage Museum, in The Galleria, Lower Level, Downtown Cleveland,

with coffee and refreshments following each presentation.

On these days the Museum is open from 1-4 pm; $5 parking is available in the Galleria underground garage.

Suggested donation: $10 for adults and $5 for students.

A viszontlátásra!!!! See you soon!!

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