“Vistas of Hungary” Exhibit Opens to the Public

On Saturday, July 11, 2016, a wonderful exhibit entitled “Vistas of Hungary” opened in front of a large audience (50+) at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum.  Curator, Andrew Lazar compiled information with photos highlighting each of these “Vistas” providing a comprehensive look at Hungary’s many natural, cultural and historic sites. To broaden and enhance the viewers’ experience, Andrea Lazar has included videos and interactive media presentations and opportunities to search and research at Hungary’s online resources – all to add to discovering and learning about the many wonderful examples of each of the Vistas.

The information boards about each of the “Vistas” divide those sites into the following categories:

  • Ecological Vistas – Parks, Landmarks and Thermal Baths
  • Architectural Vistas (includes Art Nouveau, Baroque, Modern, Neo-Classical)
  • Cultural Vistas (a variety, including Budapest, Liszt Academy, U. of Pécs, etc.)
  • Historical Vistas (includes Aquincum, Opusztaszer, Eger, Mohacs, etc.)
John Parkerson-1

John Parkerson, the Consul General of Atlanta, GA

John Parkerson, the Consul General of Atlanta, GA was the invited speaker.

His presentation, “Full of Wonders and Surprises,” described his fascination as “an adopted son” of Hungary with how during his many visits, he learned Hungarian history through the statues and architecture of the country. His comments were received enthusiastically and elicited questions and discussions from the audience.

Refreshments were served at the end of the program as Museum members and out-of-town visitors lined up to view the photos and shared their experiences at the various sites depicted by the exhibit.

Many thanks to all those who helped with the set-up, refreshments and clean-up at the end of this most successful program!

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