What a program we had at Cleveland Hungarian Museum on Saturday, December 10th! 

   Mikulás Bácsi  visited the Hungarian Museum to the delight of children young and old. But before he arrived, our young visitors had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful puppet show, and to work at many many hands-on activities that helped them learn about our Hungarian culture.

This  wonderful event  included folk puppet and apple centerpiece making craft projects, as well as activity stations that helped the children learn more about Hungarian words.  The program focused on two age groups-children, ages 5-9 children, and ages 10-13. Our older participants had the chance to decorate wooden spoons with Hungarian folk motifs and to really learn about Hungary as they “scavenged” through the Museum exhibits, hunting for answers to questions posed by the activity leaders.

This English language program served to give our young visitors a better appreciation of Hungary’s customs and language. Circle dancing to the wonderful tunes from a “Kolompos” CD, playing games and tasting the flavors of “mézeskalács” added to the “magyar” atmosphere at our Museum. The afternoon gave us a small sense of Hungary on the shores of Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.


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  1. Éva Bariska Smith October 18, 2016 at 10:24 pm #

    What a wonderful evening. Wonderful food and wine and friends. So glad I was able to attend this for the second year. I discovered it falls close to my birthday so it is part of my celebration. The photographer did a great job.

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