2016 Vintner Dinner honors Memory Project Co-producers!

The 2016 Vintner Dinner not only celebrated the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society and its Museum, it also served as a forum to honor two young Hungarian American women, Réka Pignicky and Andrea Lauer Rice, who have collaborated in a most unusual and compelling Memory Project, a visual history archive. The Project seeks to memorialize the experiences of those Hungarian Americans who came to the United States after WWII, and those who arrived after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. This 20th Vintner Dinner was a delightful evening and the photos from the Dinner and excerpts from the Memory Project video can be viewed in the article found on our website entitled “The Museum’s Fundraiser, the 2016 Vintner Dinner, was a success!”

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  1. Steven Gansey January 29, 2017 at 4:34 pm #

    Hello, My name is Steven Gansey (Gonzi First generation).
    I am third generation Hungarian and have questions regarding 78 lp’s dating back to early 1900-1923 we have in our posssion. Instrumentals and vocal sound tracks with serial numbers are on each Lp. All recordings indicate they originate from New York City, Columbia Phonograph Company.

    For example,Kar’acsonyl Harangok (Csendes Ej)
    Christmas Theme,Harang Jatek with serial numbers following.


    • Andy Meszaros March 17, 2017 at 7:45 pm #

      I would recommend that you write our librarian, perhaps she can comment on this topic…we do have 78 records that have been donated to the Museum, few people play them anymore because few people have the turntable that plays that record speed. Her name is Magdalene Meszaros, and if you call the Museum on Tuesdays or Fridays when we are open (11-3), perhaps you can speak with her. If she is not in, leave a message with the Volunteer who answered the phone.

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