It is always good when children visit our Museum

The second Saturday of December has traditionally been the Children’s Program at the Cleveland Hungarian Museum. Over the many years that we have hosted this event, hundreds of Hungarian-American children have had the opportunity to learn about their Hungarian heritage by playing games, listening to stories, working on Hungarian themed crafts, repeating words, and welcoming Mikulás Bácsi (Saint Nicholas) to the Museum. December 9, 2017 was another day for all the children who attended our annual Children’s program. The older youngsters participated in a program designed especially for them, while the younger children enjoyed learning through hands-on activities.


The theme for the afternoon was “Hungarian Heroes”, and our young visitors heard stories about Mátyás Király (King Matthias) and his famed sense of justice, the heroic stand of the women of Eger Castle, and the famous Siege of Belgrade (Nándorfehérvári Csata). Whether the children were making crafts that featured Hungarian folk motifs, or were learning about medieval Hungarian armor, they were thoroughly engaged in the program, and came away enriched by a healthy dose of Hungarian culture and history. The highlight of the afternoon was a rendering of a famous King Matthias (Mátyás Király) story by two talented puppeteers, and then the long awaited visit by St. Nicolas, (Mikulás Bácsi). We are looking forward to hosting another group of children in December, 2018!


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