April 15th Program was well-received!

Mr. Marcin Zgiep, the presenter at our April 15th program, gave an excellent lecture which was very well-received by the audience. According to some of the feedback, it was “so well done, so clearly delivered, and so well organized “. The talk explained in such clear and poignant terms that the Polish Solidarity movement truly unflinchingly ripped the mask off of the Soviet Communist system of government, and how it purported to be all about the working class, the proletariat, the classless system in which private property is nonexistent or severely curtailed and the goods belong to everyone. It was when the Polish people showed the world how deeply dissatisfied the working-class people were with this form of government that the masquerade was truly over. Mr. Zgiep’s charts and tables clearly compared and contrasted the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and the 1980 Polish Solidarity Movement. The talk was riveting.

We were pleased to welcome a nice Polish contingent  that came to the Museum for this program. We wish Mr. Zgiep success in his endeavors and thank him for sharing his knowledge and research with our audience.


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