Children’s program was truly a gift of culture!!

The last program of the 2022 Fall Lecture Series was held at the Museum on Saturday, December 10th, with 29 children participating. Their parents and/or their grandparents came along, and  all of them were looking forward to visiting with Mikulás Bácsi. While the children waited for the good bishop to arrive, they had the opportunity to participate in a number of fun activities throughout the Museum, including listening to 2 folktales with accompanying activities, making ornaments at the craft table, playing board games from Hungary, putting together a puzzle of a Hungarian Christmas tree, and of course, decorating traditional mézeskalács cookies.
A big treat was a puppet show featuring another popular Hungarian folktale. All the children and the adults were caught up in the story as played out behind a blanket, featuring puppets. Mikulás Bácsi came to visit the children and met them in the center of the Galleria, his lovely chair right beside an enormous Christmas tree! Mikulás Bácsi, realizing that there were children who spoke Hungarian and those who did not, was able to converse with them in either language- because that’s what Mikulás Bácsi does.
We finished with a game of musical chairs and then everyone went back inside the Museum to chat and feast on some wonderful treats!

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