Dr. Gergely Gulyás speaks at the Museum

Gergely Gulyas

Dr. Gergely Gulyás

Although the Museum was closed due to the move, programming for the fall of 2014 took place in the neighboring space next to the new location. Dr. Gergely Gulyás, Deputy Minister of the Hungarian Parliament spoke at a well-attended program on September 20th.

“Gergely Gulyás is Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament since 2014. He also serves as Chairman of the Parliament’s Committee on Legislation whose main task is to coordinate the legislative amendment process and has the important decision-making authority of determining which bills come before the National Assembly for a vote.”

Dr. Gulyás presented Hungarian facts about the past, present and future. After his presentation, he opened the room up for a question and answer session.  Most of the topics discussed could have taken hours to explain and elaborate upon, but he gave a concise and straightforward answer for each.  Some topics that were introduced by the guests were taxation, EU involvement and monetary contribution, 2006 events in Hungary and public reaction to them, what remains to be done by the newly elected government in the next seven years and the topic of who will become Mr. Orban’s successor.

Dr. Gulyás was accompanied by two others. Dr. Miklós Szánthó, who is from Hungary but is presently here in the States as a research fellow with the German Marshall Fund-Transatlantic Academy.  József Elek, was here from the Hungarian Embassy where he is a senior diplomat.

József Elek, Eva Szabó, Dr. Miklós Szánthó

József Elek, Eva Szabó, Dr. Miklós Szánthó

Andrea Meszaros and Dr. Gergely Gulyás

Andrea Meszaros and Dr. Gergely Gulyás

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