Fine Art Sampler

Exhibit Title: “Fine Art Sampler – Paintings and Prints from the Museum’s Permanent Collections”

This exhibit includes 25 pieces selected out of a total of 95 fine art works that have been donated to the Museum since its inception.  The entire collection, consisting of 57 paintings, 33 prints, and 5 watercolors, is presented in the video at the beginning of the Exhibit. The Exhibit is augmented with interactive experiences on the touch screen monitors, including more of the works of some of the artists in the Exhibit, as well as informative videos of the processes of print making, from etchings and engravings, to woodcuts and lithographs. Adding to the educational component of the Exhibit, also presented is a searchable website dedicated to Hungarian Fine Art, its history over various artistic periods, as well as biographies and the major works of many Hungarian artists, including some in this exhibit. As Curator, I want to acknowledge the role of the Ohio History Connection in making this exhibit possible in this format.  The Ohio History Connection grant received by the Cleveland Hungarian Museum to update and catalogue our collections in a dedicated museum software enabled me in selecting the 25 works to exhibit as well as to show the entire collection in a video presentation.  I want to thank the Ohio History Connection for its support of the Museum.

Andrew Lazar, Curator, Exhibits Director

“This project is made possible in part by the Ohio History Fund, a grant program of the Ohio History Connection. The Ohio History Fund is made possible by voluntary donations of state income tax refunds, sales of Ohio History “mastodon” license plates, and other donations.

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