The Art of Evelyn Domján, a Visual Feast For Your Eyes!

On Saturday afternoon, September 9th, we gathered at the Museum for the opening of an amazing exhibit featuring the creative artwork of Evelyn Domján.

It was a wonderful event, featuring George Kozmon’s in-person conversation with Michael Domján, Evelyn’s son, who joined us via Zoom from Austin, Texas.

The story of Evelyn Domján and her husband Joseph came to us first hand as her son described his parents’ relationship, their partnership in creating woodcuts, and finally, the unfolding of Evelyn’s creative spirit as she surrounded herself with the magical images that came from her creative mind and heart. The audience had a chance to ask questions of George and Michael, which added a nice touch to this exhibit opening.

After the presentation, our guests were able to feast their eyes on what I would refer to as an artistic extravaganza for the eyes. From variations of the traditional Hungarian párta, to fanciful purses and door panels, one begins to understand that there was no end to Evelyn Domján’s creativity. As George Kozmon and Michael Domján concluded, Evelyn not only had an impact on her environment, she actually created her unique aesthetic environment.

We are grateful to our curator, Andrew Lázár, for his efforts to bring these unusual and beautiful pieces of art to our Museum, and to Andrea Lázár, for the wonderful computer programs that enrich the exhibit.

We invite all our members and friends to visit the Museum so that they can see the wonders of Evelyn Domján’s art for themselves!



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