Hungarian Ambassador to the United States visits Museum

Dr. László Szabó, Hungarian Ambassador to the United States, was in Cleveland the weekend of November 24th attending the Hungarian Association’s annual Congress. Before his flight back to Washington, D.C., he and his wife visited our Museum on Sunday morning. He was able to view the Museum’s exhibits and commented on the electronic media that enhances our exhibits; he and his wife also spent time shopping in our Gift Shop, meeting some of the Galleria personnel, and admiring the 1956 Revolution themed guitar located in the Galleria atrium. Dr. Zita Bencsik, General Consul from the Consulate office in Chicago also accompanied the Ambassador and his wife on the visit to the Museum. Dr. Bencsik has been at the Museum numerous times and is very familiar with many of the items and information found in our exhibits.  Alex Kezdi, President, hosted the visit by the Ambassador.

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