Hungarian Love Poems for Hungarian Valentines!

On February 8th we held our first lecture in the 2020 Spring Series:  Love poems of Hungary by Dr. Marta Pereszlenyi-Pinter.  To get the audience into the right frame of mind, Marti handed out chocolate at the start as dark chocolate is thought to be an aphrodisiac.  It was a wonderful engaging and informative talk.  Marti provided a handout of ‘phrases of true love and romance in Hungarian for when it is the real thing’.  This provides English translations for frequently used and often cited phrases of love and endearment in Hungarian.  This is a must-have for anyone who wishes to expand his/her repertoire of loving phrases to use when occasions arise.  Next, she also shared the love poems of well-known Hungarian poets (with corresponding translations in English): the passionate and ardent poetry of Szabó Lőrinc, Ady Endre, József Attila, Kaffka Margit, to name but a few.  The presentation was well-researched and clearly organized.

Marika Megyimori, Katalin Gulden, and many others provided hospitality and food to share at the end for all to enjoy.  Thanks to all who contributed to making this a success!

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