Part I of Trianon Series

Our first venture into the online lecture format was Part I in a three part series on the 1920 Treaty of Trianon.

The Treaty of Trianon-the part of the Paris Peace Settlement that dealt with Hungary-constituted the most severe setback suffered by the Hungarian nation since the Battle of Mohács in 1526.  In the first of our series on the Treaty of Trianon, Mr. István Hegedüs gave a historical perspective of the treaty and described the events in Hungary’s history that lead to this unjust treaty.  He provided a sweeping perspective of Hungary’s 1000-year history in the Carpathian basin, the occupation by the Turks, and the domination by the Hapsburgs.  As a result of the treaty, Hungary lost ¾ of its land and fully one third of Hungarians who lived for centuries in Hungary found themselves outside the borders of their country and under domination by other nationalities. The national grief and pain was immeasurable.

The online lecture was well-attended virtually. Mr. István Hegedüs is a skilled and respected educator, having received his diploma in education from the University of London, his MA from the University of Aberdeen and a BA from the University of Toronto that he completed with distinction in the History and Philosophy of Science.

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