King Mátyás’s mother, Elizabeth Szilágyi, was the topic of October’s Program

Ildikó Peller was our speaker on October 13th, when an attentive audience gathered at the Museum to listen to a presentation on the life and times of Elizabeth Szilágyi. Her famous husband and her royal son have defined Elizabeth Szilágyi’s role in Hungarian history, yet she was a remarkable woman in her own right. Mrs. Peller gave the audience a very well researched look into 15th century Hungary, the challenges it faced from the Ottoman Turks, the power struggles to gain the Hungarian throne, and the role the Szilágyi and Hunyadi families played during this turbulent era. After her presentation, Mrs. Peller took questions from the audience, and the discussions continued as our guests partook of the refreshments we traditionally serve after our programs. It was nice to see new visitors to the program!

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