September program on Ilona Zrinyi

The topic of our first presentation for the 2018 Fall series was “Defending the Fort: the Life and Times of Ilona Zrinyi” presented by Eszti Pigniczky, Director of Leadership Development and Training, Hungarian Scouts in Exteris. Ilona Zrinyi was an interesting woman who was born in 1643 and lived in the 17th century during an era of immense turmoil and political upheaval in Hungarian history. Many women of her time lost members of their family to war and political intrigue, but Ilona Zrinyi had more than her share. It is a testament to her strong personality, her strong ties to her family legacy, and her courage when faced with challenges, that she was able to handle herself with immense grace and perseverance. Most people know her as the mother of  the Hungarian hero Ferenc Rakoczi II, but her life as a daughter, mother,  wife, and patriot are less known. After the presentation, our speaker and our guests were able to spend time around the refreshment table, chatting and also viewing our current exhibit.

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