Mikulás and a cimbalom at the Museum

On Saturday December 9th, we welcomed 29 children and the many parents and grandparents who accompanied them to the Museum for our Annual Children’s Program. We had a full house, including members of our Board who dropped in, and some adult guests and friends of the Museum who came to see the Domján Exhibit and also to do some shopping and enjoy some chit chat. One can’t help but suspect that having a marvelous cimbalom player as part of the festivities also lured some people to spend time at the Museum.
We are grateful that Alex Fedoriouk accepted our invitation to introduce the world of the cimbalom to young people at this year’s program. He was wonderful!! He not only demonstrated the many layers of music that can come forth from this instrument, but he talked about the history and the construction of the cimbalom; and then, brave man that he is, he invited the children to come up and try their hand at playing the instrument. Many of them did, and it was a joy to hear and see them take the mallets into their hands!
Mikulás Bácsi was very gracious, as he talked with each child either in English or Hungarian, whichever language the children were more comfortable with. And he was especially careful to repeat as often as was necessary to the younger ones “nem kell félni”…
It is a well-known fact that our Museum operates as a purely volunteer organization, and without volunteers, we could never pull off a successful event such as this annual Children’s Program. It is a testament to these volunteers that each year we are able to offer an enriching afternoon to our young visitors, and to do what is appropriate in this season- that is, GIVE THE GIFT OF CULTURE! We are confidant that we succeeded in doing just that- just look at all the photographs!

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