October’s program on the Diaspora

On October 12 the Museum hosted  a program on Hungarian Diaspora Diplomacy from the perspective of Washington DC. and how that Diaspora is served by the various consulates and the Embassy itself. Our speaker was Zita Mirk, Diaspora Liaison, Embassy of Hungary. Her presentation focused on the various initiatives that the Hungarian government has formulated to aid the Hungarian communities outside of Hungary in maintaining and growing  their Hungarian identity, as well as becoming good will ambassadors of Hungarian culture within their greater communities.  Her presentation included subtopics such as the laws related to the Diaspora, the role of the Diaspora Council, and the various programs that have been initiated over the recent years to implement this desire to enrich the cultural and historical identity of the many Hungarian communities outside of Hungary. Hungary views Hungarians living abroad as an asset and has instituted a special position dedicated to matters affecting the Diaspora at the Embassy level as well as on the consular levels. She described her position as an outreach that will hopefully help the local Hungarian communities strengthen their Hungarian identity.




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