Visiting Hungarian Author Presents Her Latest Work

On July 14, 2015 more than 50 enthusiastic guests gathered at our museum to have Judith Petres-Balogh review her newest work, “School of a Different Kind”.  This book is a translation into English by this author of the original work written in Hungarian by Nora Sztaray.  The theme is the history of the Hungarian gimnazium in Niederaudorf-Reisach, Germany during the post-war years of 1947-51.  It was edited and published by Lajos Koncz in 2008, and was entitled “The Written Word Remains”.  These books–both available on line at–are a unique account of a period in which Hungarians found themselves during the postwar years in Germany.


The evening’s guests were greeted by CHHS vice president, Alex Kezdi, followed by Professor Dr. Martha Pereszlenyi-Pinter of John Carroll University who gave an introduction of the author and her work.  The questions and comments following the talk revealed the intense interest the subject evoked in the audience.  The author herself was a onetime student of this school in Germany.  Three others in the audience, who also attended this school–Mrs. Eva Csia-Kardos, Mrs. Judith Nagyoszy, and Mrs. Zsuzsa Szappanos-Petres–were also warmly greeted with applause.

This was another of the many outstanding cultural events held at the Museum, one more heartbeat of the Hungarian community in northeast Ohio.

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