35 Years of Exhibits

There is something to be said for celebrating 35 years of exhibits produced by the curator of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum! Andrew Lázár has been hard at work bringing to the community one compelling exhibit after another. The video below is a beautiful summary of all the exhibits that have enriched the cultural landscape of Cleveland. It is a testament to what the talent of a volunteer can accomplish.

János Szigeti, president of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society, recently observed as follows: “The CHHS relies on the selflessness and hard work of volunteers… Volunteers are the backbone of our Society, and our Society would not be nearly as impactful without our volunteers’ ideas, skills, and passion for our Mission…and the Museum’s status as “The Heartbeat of Hungarian Culture in Northeast Ohio” …”  As you watch this visual bouquet of exhibits, you gain an appreciation of the rich world of Hungarian history, art and culture that was on display at the Museum over the past 35 years. Here’s  to many more years of wonderful exhibits!

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