A new way of tasting wine for the friends of our Museum!

We are living in unique times when getting together to support our favorite organizations and institutions becomes a challenge! But exploring new ways to “attend” a fund raiser can be a fun experience, so we invite you to join us for our 2020 Virtual Vintner Wine Tasting to be held on October 24th from 7:00-8:00. This virtual wine tasting at the Museum will enable us to safely taste wine together in our homes, meet our honored guest and participate in drawing raffle prizes. Our guests will also have the opportunity to taste wines from several wine-growing regions in Hungary, including Tokaj, Eger, Szekszárd, and Balatonfüred.

Balaton szőlő Stock fotók, Balaton szőlő Jogdíjmentes képek | Depositphotos®

This event will be live-streamed, and if you would like to participate in this unique wine tasting, please contact Hajnal Kezdi at (216) 476-9939 or hajnal.kezdi@att.net for more information and to request an invitation.

Hope to see you on the October 24th! A viszontlátásra!

Virtual Wine Tasting Featured Wine Descriptions

  1. St. Andrea Winery “Boldogságos” Egri Csillag Grand Superior, 2018; Boldogságos Vineyards, Egerszólát, Hungary
    White: blend of four white grapes, rich, crisp acidity, full-bodied


  1. St. Donát, Magma (Kékfrankos) 2017; Szent Donát Winery, Balatonfüred, Hungary
    Red: 100% kékfrankos grape, medium bodied, sour cherry, raspberry aroma


  1. St. Andrea, Rosa Mystica, 2019; St. Andrea Winery, Eger, Hungary
    Rose: refreshing, light, sharp acidity, cranberry aromas


  1. St. Andrea, “Áldás” Egri Bikavér Superior, 2018; St. Andrea Winery, Eger, Hungary
    Red: seven grape blend, rich, complex, magnificent balance


  1. Vida, La Vida Merlot, 2016; Vida Family Estate, Szekszárd, Hungary
    Red: elegant, complex, earthy, full-bodied, long finish


  1. Béres Sweet Szamorodni, 2015; Tokaj, Hungary
    Dessert: blend of furmint and kövérszőlő, balances sweetness and lively acidity

Please note: Importer’s stock is limited to current inventory. Substitutions of equal or greater quality may occur.

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