CSU Fulbright Scholar brings class to the Museum.

DR. Krsztina Fehér had a brilliant idea! What better way to immerse her beginning Hungarian language class into the wealth of Hungarian culture than to actually have a class session at the Museum? To that end, members of her classes met at the Museum the morning of September 24th, and spent the hour discovering bits of Hungarian culture, history and artistry, and learning some of the basics of Hungarian folk dancing. The students were joined by Dr. Antonio Medina-Rivera from the CSU Department of World Languages, Literature and Cultures. Mr. László Tihanyi, a professional folk dancer and instructor from Hungary,  joined the class and was able to create some of the exuberance of the “táncház” movement that supports Hungarian  folk dancing in Hungary as well as in the Diaspsora. We enjoyed having these students at the Museum, and we hope to continue hosting future CSU Hungarian language classes!

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