For art lovers, a perfect afternoon- the Zalany Exhibit Opening

On June 10th, we gathered at the Museum to hear Steven Zalany speak  about the items from his extensive art collection that are  currently on exhibit at the Museum. Mr. Zalany began collecting art in the 1990s, and recently he has concentrated on collecting mid-century modern ceramic pieces as well as Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco pieces by Zsolnay, decorative pieces by Fischer, and modern and turn of the century sculpture and paintings by artists that span over a century and a half. He shared his extensive knowledge of the various artist colonies in Transylvania and throughout Hungary, focusing on some of the prominent founders of these groups, as well as many artists whose works encompass various styles of painting and sculpture. We learned when the various artists worked, where they studied art, and which artist colony they joined. On a personal note, he was asked about which pieces that were on exhibit were his favorites, and he spent time describing each piece that graces the exhibit wall of our Museum.

It was truly a memorable afternoon, as many of our guests had the opportunity to view some beautiful and unique pieces of Hungarian fine art.






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