Hungarian Heritage Night at the Captain’s Ballpark

Once again, the Lake County Captain’s Ballpark was the site of an unusual melding of Hungarian and American culture.  On a beautiful Friday evening (June 30th), with the warm breezes blowing across the baseball park, we were able to see how America’s past-time could be an occasion for many fans to share with us stories related to their their Hungarian identity.  We also had the opportunity to share Hungarian folk culture with many young people. Over the years that this night at the ballpark has been celebrated, the Museum has offered complimentary face painting for youngsters attending the game. Hungarian folk motifs and ancient runic writing were painted on to the arms and cheeks of both boys and girls. Along with the American National Anthem, we stood for the playing of the Hungarian “Himnusz” while the park’s jumbotron showed images of the  Hungarian flag waving.  We met so many wonderful families! It was another great event, and it helped that the home team won!



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