May’s program on the history of Hungarian Theater was excellent!

Saturday, May 11th was a special day at the Museum. In our “kávéház” environment, this Hungarian language program was well attended, and our guests were treated to a masterful presentation by Zoltán Csadi. Expertly researched, beautifully illustrated with videos and photographs of late 19th century and early 20th century Budapest and the theater life of the time, Zoltán Csadi’s presentation was a treat for all of us. One gained a thorough understanding of how the culture of the theater contributed to the quality of life of so many Hungarians from all walks of life. As the city grew and developed, so did the quality of the cultural scene. A significant contribution to the cultural life of Budapest was the rich and varied theater life.

Zoltán covered all aspects of the development of theater in Hungary, from architecture to playwrights, from actors to audiences. He touched every layer of the theater scene and its development. Zoltán also shared details of theater life during the two World Wars and their aftermath.  The theater was a vehicle for the populace in the cities to enjoy a respite from the every day challenges they faced during very trying times. Zoltán himself is an actor, and his presentation reflected his speaking abilities. He succeeded in engaging his audience well after the presentation and into the Q and A session and even at the refreshment table!



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