Starting on June 9th, the Museum will be back to welcoming visitors!

The Museum will reopen its doors to visitors starting on June 9th. In the beginning we will be open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 11-3.  If you would like to visit us on another day, you can make an appointment by either calling the Museum telephone number, 216-523-3900 and leaving a message, or you can write a message to our email address,, and we will reply and arrange for your visit.  Please give us at least a 4 day notice!

Finally, we wish to acknowledge our appreciation for the 2020 grant our Museum received from the Bethlen Gábor Alap, and its continued support of our efforts to preserve the history and culture of Hungarians living in Northeast Ohio!

Read more about our 2020 Annual Meeting and election of new officers,


(The Website details the activities of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society (CHHS) on a continuing basis. The report presented below is made here in accordance with the Bylaws of the CHHS to inform the membership of the results of the Annual Meeting of October 16, 2020. Report by Dr. Magdalene Meszaros, Nominations Committee Chairman.)

The Annual Meeting of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society (CHHS) was held on October 16, 2020. Due to the COVID pandemic lockdown, the meeting was a virtual one conducted via ZOOM. Andrea Lazar served as Elections Chairman and called upon certain officers and advisors to give their reports to the membership. President Alex Kezdi, Treasurer Hajnal Kezdi, Tax Advisor Eva Szabo, Director of Exhibitions Andrew Lazar, and the Investment Committee Chairman Elmer Meszaros gave their reports.

Following the presentation of the reports, the Elections Chairman proceeded with the elections portion of the Annual Meeting. Members in good standing (i.e. current in their dues) had been mailed absentee ballots which were to be returned prior to the Annual Meeting to our Post Office Box. The Ballot listed the names of officers and directors nominated to be elected as well as a Board Resolution authorizing the candidacies of Marianna Zala Gandolfo for the position of Secretary for another year and of Hajnalka Kezdi for the position of Treasurer for another year. Dr. Magdalene Meszaros tabulated the absentee ballots received prior to the Annual Meeting and the Elections Chairman announced the results at the virtual meeting.

The Board Resolution authorizing the candidacies of Marianna Zala Gandolfo and Hajnalka Kezdi was overwhelmingly approved and the candidates nominated for officer and director positions were overwhelmingly elected.

The following officers were elected: President Janos Szigeti, Vice President Andrea Meszaros, Treasurer Hajnalka Kezdi and Secretary Marianna Gandoldo. The following directors were elected to serve three- year terms on the Board of Directors: Kathy Gulden, Theodore J. Horvath, Andrea Lazar, Elmer Meszaros, Mary Jane Molnar, Vali Ratoni-Nagy, Bea Tabor, Clara Thurner, Dolores Vuyancih and Alex Kezdi. The newly elected officers and directors were later sworn in via telephone by Dr. M.Meszaros.

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