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“Vistas of Hungary” Exhibit Opens to the Public

On Saturday, July 11, 2016, a wonderful exhibit entitled “Vistas of Hungary” opened in front of a large audience (50+) at the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Museum.  Curator, Andrew Lazar compiled information with photos highlighting each of these “Vistas” providing a comprehensive look at Hungary’s many natural, cultural and historic sites. To broaden and enhance the […]

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ÚJ KÖNYV KAPHATÓ A Magyar Múzeumban

A new book of interest for Hungarian readers for sale at The Hungarian Museum. Entitled: “…az írás megmarad” by Lajos Koncz. This book deals with the history of Hungarian boarding schools established by refugees (1945-1956) for their children in post WW2 Germany. Látván azt az érdeklődést amit Baloghné Judit júliusi könyvbemutatója – „School of a […]

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COLD WAR TO WARM COOPERATION Multiple generations of Hungarian-Americans from Cleveland have served in the United States military since 1950. Some were born in the Cleveland area, some immigrated here, some have since moved away, and some have died, but all served their newfound or native country with dignity. Many were drafted, but many volunteered; […]

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We are moving !

WE ARE MOVING!!! New circumstances prompted us to seek a more efficient environ for our museum within the Galleria, and  we were successful in securing such a place in the same building, on the ground floor. This new space will soon sparkle with the brightness and professionalism of our previous home and we will be […]

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From Broadway to Hollywood

In doing the research, an interesting but logical correlation became apparent. In the early 1900’s most of the musicals on Broadway were operetta transplants from Europe and they also influenced American composers to write in the same mode. So not only Hungarian, but German and French operetta composers had a great impact on the American […]

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