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New Exhibit to open the week of July 25th at the Hungarian Museum

Exhibit:  DISCOVER HUNGARY… more than you imagine! Come and Discover Hungary!    Rich in culture and history, music and art, world-famous for its cuisine, unparalleled in its hospitality. The multi-media exhibit highlights the many wonderful things Hungary has to offer visitors from its rich architecture in its capital city, Budapest, to the charming picturesque villages, from its breath-taking […]

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A New Exhibit at the Museum

This new exhibit gives us the opportunity to view and enjoy beautiful art and artifacts coming to the Museum from a private collection. Beautifully presented, the artifacts range from paintings to needlework, and as such, are items that  represent a broad range of Hungarian fine art, applied art and folk art. The Exhibit is further […]

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1956 Commemorative Exhibit

The Spirit of Freedom Exhibit, which is currently featured at the Cleveland Hungarian Museum, provides an informative review of the events of the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. It also includes a thorough summary of  world wide reactions to this Revolution that took the world by surprise. The large TV screen features recollections of the events by […]

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Beautiful exhibit on Hungary currently at Museum!

Come and visit Hungary!  Rich in culture and history, music and art, world-famous for its cuisine, unparalleled in its hospitality, Hungary and its many offerings will be highlighted in an exhibit including multi-visual presentations from films to photos to interactive media. Budapest, Hungary’s capital on the Danube, is famous for the grandeur and style of […]

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“Contemporary Art in the Digital World”

SATURDAY, JANUARY 23: “Contemporary Art in the Digital World” presentation by George Kozmon, complementing the opening of the new EXHIBIT at the Museum, titled “Kozmon: Primal Topography”. Kozmon talks about artists who use digital tools and platforms to create and share art. This lecture will explore the various aspects of the intersection of contemporary art […]

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The End of the Cold War Exhibit

April 11th marks the opening of our new exhibit–The End of the Cold War, Fall of Communism in Hungary and Eastern Europe–which will be of particular interest to many of Greater Cleveland’s ethnic communities whose lives have been touched by these events. The Exhibit covers the period after World War II through the 1989 peaceful […]

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From Broadway to Hollywood

In doing the research, an interesting but logical correlation became apparent. In the early 1900’s most of the musicals on Broadway were operetta transplants from Europe and they also influenced American composers to write in the same mode. So not only Hungarian, but German and French operetta composers had a great impact on the American […]

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Visions of Hungary – Photographs by: George Buza, George Gati, and Stephen Spinder

Opened: April 29, 2011 – Last Day: September 9, 2011 Exhibit Information: This exhibit on Hungary presents photographs depicted the many views and moods by three renowned photographers – George Buza, George Gati and Stephen Spinder. The photographs imparted in black and white and color the many faces of Hungary as interpreted by these three […]

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