Children’s program was a delight for all ages!

On December 11th we welcomed 30 children, along with grandparents and parents, to our Museum for an afternoon of  Hungarian culture! Hungarian folk dancing, under the instruction of folk dance instructor László Tihanyi, was the highlight, along with a visit from Mikulás Bácsi.

But the ‘Old Fashioned” flavors of traditional honey cookies (mézeskalács) decorated by our young people added to the total experience enjoyed by our young guests, along with seasonal crafts and vocabulary games to enhance their knowledge of Hungarian words for various aspects of dancing and music. This afternoon was made possible by all the volunteers who support our Museum in our efforts to share the richness of Hungarian culture with our visitors. One of the nicest parts of the afternoon came at the end, when all of us, young and older, gathered for refreshments and visiting. The variety of delicious Hungarian flavors, both sweet and savory, was truly amazing!!! This was a beautiful way to celebrate the season and wish each other “Boldog Ünnepek”! ( To see more photos, click on “read more” below.)

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