March program on Hungarian Folk Dancing included some wonderful live dancing!

On a windy Saturday afternoon in March, we gathered to listen to László Tihanyi discuss the history and development of Hungarian folk dancing…from its roots in Hungarian village life, to its emergence on the stage, and then into the lives of everyday Hungarians through the “táncház” movement.  László is a professional Hungarian folk dancer, as well as dance instructor, with expertise in the knowledge of the history of folk dancing in Hungary. Today folk dancing represents a vibrant form of Hungarian culture, and we had the chance to witness it live, and to also participate in its wonderful rhythm as we learned some easy steps from László and danced together in a traditional circle dance. Afterward, all of us gathered to enjoy refreshments and as one looked around the Museum, you saw the folks gathering in smaller groups and doing what people do so well- talking and sharing ideas and experiences. That’s part of the Museum’s mission- to present our culture and then let our visitors enrich our programs as they share with each other their own experiences.  The photos and the videos below offer a glimpse into the living world of folk dancing!

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