October 8th program featured personal stories about Hungarian identity.

We had a wonderful program on Saturday October 8th! This was the second in our Lecture Series, and it was truly a memorable experience for all of us- both for the presenters as well as our guests. Five members of our Hungarian community here in Northeast, Ohio shared their thoughts in discussing the topic, Getting to know members of our community with rich and interesting family histories and their connections to Hungary.  

Richard Sárosi, Alex Kézdi, Lél Somogyi, Alex Viiberg and Ilona Solomon were gracious enough to personally share with our audience their stories about growing up in the Cleveland Hungarian community and how that impacted the development of their Hungarian identity.

We learned so much by listening to the individual experiences of each presenter as they summarized and described their identity as Hungarians. They talked of what their connections were to Hungary, when their ancestors came to the US, Hungarian traditions-customs kept in their families, interesting family stories about their ancestors from one generation to the next, and what they most appreciate about their Hungarian heritage. We laughed and teared up and recognized similar experiences in our own lives.


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